Monday, 23 April 2018

LOTW Meme Monday - Wrong Wing Night

Or when I go for 1/2 price wings at 4pm and wing night doesn't start till 5pm. The deal should be ALL DAY. #1stwingproblems

LOTW Meme Monday - Me Mamoa Chicken Wings Cavill


If these guys ate wings they'd be The Chicken Wing League. That doesn't sound as impressive...

#nonwingsunday = Poutine from Glen's French Fries

Not the best poutine, but still great on a wet, icy, rainy day.

Happiness Happened Here - "After Libation"

"After Libation"

#fryday - Salt & Pepper Boston Pizza Wings

These chicken wings were so crispy and cooked well. The kitchen messed up and instead of bringing half salt & pepper dry wings and half Memphis Hot, they made them all S&P and Memphis Hot on the side. This worked out well because the Memphis Hot was waaaaay to salty and even lightly drizzled was too much. But those S&P were on point!

#TBT - Marshy's BBQ & Grill

Go HERE to see the original post.

#wingwednesday Patty's Pub

I met up with Ryan (who's been with me on many reviews like Sneaky Dee's or Einstein's) who I haven't seen in over a year since I moved from Toronto. He was in Ottawa on business, but it was great to catch up. I picked Patty's Pub because its a cozy place that I take people to from out of town, but I was surprised because it turned out to be wing night!

Really wish I had done a review of these wings, but the lighting was very low and to avoid using flash, I would have to spend a lot of time adjusting and focusing and I was there to hang, not review. In our modern days of social media, it's more important to be social with those you are with than with the internet. I realize you are reading this from the internet ...

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

OUTTAKES - Buffalo Boneless Bites

Hey it's Tuesday which means Cineplex theatres have cheap night and discount movie admission! As a Scene card member, I got even cheaper admission, Scene points going toward a free ticket, and a discount at the concession stand. I also cleaned up playing TimePlay. But back to the concession stand ...

There's been a revolution in cinema snacks that have gone beyond the popcorn and candy fare. The movies are competing with Netflix and piracy streaming, so the theatres themselves are getting make-overs with bigger sound, better pictures, recliner seats. The VIP cinemas have recliners with tray tables where you can get served to your seat a burger, jalapeno poppers, club wraps etc. You can even get beer and wine. And at this location, you can even order Cineplex food at home with UberEats. It's crazy.

My schedule is unorthodox, so I get a chance to hit up matinees, or sometimes, a morning flick. When I got to the movies, I almost always get popcorn, but since this was just before lunch, I was feeling hungry for something more substantial.

I headed to OutTakes - the 'food-food' counter at the movies. Since it was a morning movie, the place was pretty empty. I scanned the menu board - they have poutines, burgers, hot sandwiches, but one thing caught my eye:

OK so it's not wings, but boneless wings will do in a pinch. They have 3 flavours, Sweet Thai, BBQ and Buffalo. The ads are all for the Buffalo, and to be honest, that's what I was interested in. They also had a snack combo that was the chicken, pretzel bites, and mac and cheese bites for just about $10, but I went with the Buffalo Boneless Chicken for $7.99.

The staff member told me it would be about 7 minutes because none were ready (again, it was the morning). I heard the fingers go into a deep fryer and sizzle away. I walked away and got some popcorn (at another stand) but when I returned, the chicken was ready. I watched as they were placed in metal bowl and sauce from a squeeze bottle was drizzled, then tossed over top.

Out came a little cup - so very unceremonious, so kinda sad looking. The presentation was really underwhelming.

Fortunately, the chicken itself was more impressive. The tenders were all different shapes and sizes, which is nice to know they aren't preformed chicken patties. The above photo shows one of the larger pieces and clearly not a 'bite'. Actually this was awkward to eat with just a fork out of a cup. There were 5 pieces in the little cup.

The chicken was crispy, tender, and relatively saucy. The breading on the outside gave a nice little crunch. The chicken was moist and tender. Just as a chicken tender/finger, these were really good.

The sauce was lightly tossed - not very wet, but not dry either. It tasted like commercial Buffalo sauce, but a good quality commercial Buffalo sauce. When I say that, I mean it's obviously not fresh melted butter and hot sauce, but it doesn't taste bad like some poorly made sauces.

Of course I got popcorn - layered with butter. Can't watch a movie without it. I also add a Dill powder shaker to enhance my popcorn experience.

Would I get the Buffalo Boneless Chicken Bites again? Maybe. They were good boneless bites no doubt with their crispy breading and tender meat and decent sauce, but for $8 for 5 pieces, I'll probably pass as a regular snack.

 I know food prices are expensive and inflated these days, but what most people don't understand is that a movie theatre doesn't make money on the movies themselves, your admission money goes to the movie studios. The concession stand is where the theatre makes it's money. So yes popcorn and pop are overcharged, but that's the price to pay for a superior movie experience ( I just don't understand people that prefer watching a movie at home). Also, don't be the guy who smuggles in a can of pop and cracks it open during the movie. Mini rant over.

Oh, what movie did I see you ask?  A Quiet Place. Really recommend it - great atmosphere, superb use of sound and silence, and a unique take on alien apocalypse thriller.

Cineplex Theatres - Food & Drink

Monday, 16 April 2018

LOTW Meme Monday - You Are Wrong

Ok this meme was a bit lazy and I barely changed it from the original - but it holds true. Also I've been without power due to an ice storm, so it's also rushed.

But that is how I feel when I see wings listed this way.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Happiness Happened Here: "White Warlock Offering"

"White Warlock Offering"

HINTONBURGER - Free Fry-Day April 13th 2019

If there's one thing I've come to love about social media, it's the way smart businesses use it to advertise specials. That's how I found out about Free Fries on Fry-Day at Hintonburger.

Free fries. No catches, no deals, no scams, just free fries. Walk in the door and get free fries. That's it. Why? Well it turns out that Hintonburger was having supply problems with their potatoes, so they switched suppliers, then still had uneven products being delivered. They switched to a frozen fry, and the response was very negative. They went back to their original supplier who promised quality product, and to celebrate, free fresh cut fries!

It was a good promotion, because I hadn't been to their new location that opened up last year. I first reviewed them back in 2010 when they were in their shack, then they moved to an old KFC, but it still wasn't big enough, when they moved to their new location. Free fries was a great enticement for me to get out.

I've always enjoyed Hintonburger but I don't go very often because they are very expensive. I mean their food is good and everything is locally sourced, but for a take-out burger, $15 is a lot. Online I read that folks feel the same way, although a several people complain about the quality and I don't get it - I've always had a great burger. But maybe things had changed since I went last?

Their Fry special was from 11am-4pm. I was hoping to get there at 11 to try and avoid lines, but I didn't get there till about 11:40am, but there were no lines!

There was a podium at the front where the hostess was. I wasn't sure how the system would work at the new place as at both the other locations you order, pay and pick up through a window. The girl asked what she could get me and I confirmed the free fry promotion (despite seeing that big painted window). She said that yup it was on. I said I wanted a Hintonburger as well and we had some confusion about what to do. Turns out behind her was a table set up with the free fries, and I could give my order and either wait for the fries or get them now. I made my order, and decided to get the fries while they were hot.

I went to the table where another server was dishing out fries from a hot pan which were refilled frequently. I took the order and added some vinegar and ketchup. She was also promoting a big card to be signed for the Humbolt Hockey tragedy that just happened. I took my fries and looked for a spot to sit.

The new space is quite spacious. It's a mix of old fast food style booths and nice big wooden tables. I found it a bit awkward for me sitting solo as the smallest table was a four-seater. Oh well. I really do like this location but I'll miss the charm of both the shack and the former KFC.

For a free fry order, this was a good portion. Not too big, not too small. They came seasoned already with very visible grains of salt.

At first glance, I thought the fries weren't going to be very good. But they were. They tasted fresh, they were crispy, and they were seasoned perfectly. There was a nice crunch, but the potato inside was nice and soft. The only thing I would have liked better was some malt or apple cider vinegar to the standard vinegar.

About 5-7 minutes after putting in my order and getting my fries, my burger was ready. The Hintonburger, a bacon-cheeseburger on it's own was $12. I got a drink and figuring with free fries I'd be saving some money but the Hintonburger combo is $15.50 regularly, and my bill came to $15.

The Hintonburger is a 6oz patty, with Bacon and Cheese. I went for all the toppings (minus relish - not a huge fan. Don't hate it, but don't love it either).

There were no downsides on this burger. The bun was so soft and fresh. The veggies were fresh too. The burger had a nice crust on it giving it a great texture, but the meat inside was beefy and tasty. The bacon was crispy and noticeable (a number of burger places bacon just seems to disappear in the burger).

The taste of this burger is exactly what I want in a burger. I don't get people's complaints. I do understand the price problem, but we often say we'd rather pay a bit more and get fresh, locally sourced product right? I think this is worth it in the end. The product was great, but I'm just not going to have it as often as I would like. I suppose that's a good thing.

So in the end, great fries are back, the burger was great, and the new space is excellent. Kudos to Hintonburger for listening to their customers and making my meal delicious.

1066 Somerset St W, Ottawa (Hintonburg) ON

Friday, 13 April 2018

Happy Fry-Day the 13th 2018!

Forget slashing, it's all about saucing and tossing for Jason these days.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

JANE's Ultimate Buffalo Style Dry Rubbed Seasoned Wings

Frozen chicken wings are a wing lover's challenge. I mean, they are convenient. But my experience is that they are terrible. But every now and then I find a hidden gem.

Jane's Ultimates Buffalo Style Dry Rub Seasoned Wings were not that gem.

There was a sale for Jane's chicken products not long ago, so 900g that were on for less than $8, I was willing to try. The package suckered me a bit* - I mean they look so tasty with the beer and they look crispy. Dry Rub Seasoned also sounds pretty good. Buffalo Style was a bit of a red flag for me though.

*see the end of this post for part of that suckering

I should have known something was up when there was microwave instructions for these wings. What?


Never. Another red flag should have been the use of Wheat Flour in the breading. Also Buffalo style wings are never breaded. Also, they were served with Ranch dipping sauce instead of blue cheese.

The wings are in a bag and in total there are about 14-16 wings in a package.

There are also two packages of their 'Tangy Ranch'. They do not need to give two packages as one packet is more than enough for all these wings. I put one packet into warm water and by the time the wings were done, so was the ranch.

I followed the instructions on the back and baked them at 400 for 10 minutes, then flipped and cooked for 10 more minutes. I did bake them on a pan with parchment paper as that is how I usually cook wings in the oven to help make them crispy.

My next warning sign about these wings was that when I went to flip them after 10 minutes of cooking they were quite soggy/mushy - that's weird. So I upped the temp to 450.

So cooked they looked good, but again, when I picked them up with tongs the wings were still soggy.

The ranch was ok. I've had another frozen brand's sauce and it was so terrible. This wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either. It's not very tangy, but it tastes like ranch. It's a bit runnier than ranch dip should be; I want my dip to be thick and creamy. Plus, why wasn't this blue cheese?

I only made up about half of the wings. As you can see in the photo above, the wings were patchy in their breading/rub. Like chicken wing lepers.

These wings were small in length, but maybe a medium in meatiness. Even with the breading they weren't that much bigger.

The meat was pretty tender and could be pulled apart with relative ease. The problem again was that they were soggy. Just a reminder, these are a wing with NO SAUCE. They are dry wings. Why were they so mushy?

The flavour on these were not at all tasty. At all. There was a hint of spicy rub on the skin, but it was so far in the background and lost to the overwhelming mushy skin and fatty tasting chicken. There was also this blah tasting note that I couldn't figure out until I went back to the ingredients. Remember when I mentioned wheat flour? These tasted like wheat. Wheat is not a good breading flavour.

After trying a few wings as they were, I just couldn't eat any more. I grabbed my 3rd Degree and drenched them. Then I poured the ranch over top. I ate this hot mess and they were more consumable.

Honestly these are crap wings. Pure crap. They are small, mushy and have a fatty, unappetizing flavour to them. They aren't hot. They don't taste like Buffalo, they aren't made like Buffalo. Just a really disappointing product.

And it seemed familiar this failure but I couldn't put my finger on why. Then I looked into my records:

I found back in 2011 I bought a box of this dry rub Buffalo wings in a post I never posted. And I didn't like them then but these came with sauce on the side. Then I was like, I'm sure I've had these again ...

I found ANOTHER post that I had never posted, this time from 2017, so only one year off, but with a BBQ flavour. Suffice it to say, I wasn't crazy about these either.

Why do I keep buying these?

The problem is that this blog is supposed to be a log for me to keep track of what I like and don't. Well when I don't post, I don't always remember. I also found one more post from a few months ago for Jane's boneless wings. I gotta get that one up because it had a different outcome than the wings. So I need to remember:


Jane's Ultimate  (they don't even have this product on their website)